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Economat 2410mm x 1200mm Standard Grey

Economats are a cost-effective access matting solution. They can carry medium sized vehicles over reasonable ground conditions, despite being a light duty mat. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to purchase, an Economat is the correct product.

Panel Weight: 32kg
Loading Capacity: 10-15 Tonnes (Ground Dependant)
Panel Thickness: 12mm
Material: Low density polythene (LDPE)
Environment: 100% recyclable





Economat are designed for lighter duty work then Euromats, however they are the same length and width, so can be used in conjunction. Economat are a cost-effective replacement for using plywood on building sites to traverse wet areas.

The Economat will not absorb moisture and break up like the plywood, therefore allowing it to be used over and over. These trackway mats are more than capable of taking the weight of cars and vans in most ground conditions.

This product is available for both Hiring, and Sale

Key Features

  • Cost effective alternative to other medium duty trackway
  • Can be laid adjacent to other medium duty trackway
  • Light enough for two-man handling
  • Suitable for vehicles and pedestrians
  • Quick and simple to install
  • Available for Hire or Sale

Installation (Removal is the opposite procedure)

Manual Handling
Each mat should be lifted by 2 or more people.

To lift a stack or stillage of mats from a lorry bed use an appropriate forklift truck. Stacks are normally30-35.Place mat on to the ground to provide the coverage required. Ground preparation is not usually needed.

Connecting Mats
As each mat is placed it is recommended to connect it to the neighbouring mats using the correct connector. To connect 2 mats, place the 2-way connect or underneath the mats. The raised cylinders on the connector unit should fit within the holes on the corner of each mat. When in place secure using 2 connection bolts,(M10 x 25 with steel and rubber washer) taking care not to overtighten. Where 4 mats need to be place together, use the 4-way connector following the same process.

Material: Low density polythene (LDPE)

Panel Size: 2440mm x 1220mm (8×4”)

Panel Thickness: 11mm

Panel Weight: 32kg

Loading Capacity: Suggested 10-20 tonnes (ground dependant)

Environmental: 100% recyclable

Based in Essex, but operating nationwide, we pride ourselves on delivering a service to businesses and individuals all across the country. Below includes a number of counties we have operated in.

Locations A-Z

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