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Outdoor Flooring

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All Weather Access is one of the UK’s leading outdoor flooring professionals. We have a range of ground protection mats that is perfect for creating temporary outdoor flooring for a wide range of events. Our All Weather Access outdoor flooring is perfect for a vast range of different applications. These include portable walkways, outdoor events, access roads,  temporary shelters and more. As a result, all of our products are highly adaptable, which will help you gain efficient access to your site and create pedestrian walkways to any outdoor venue.

Outdoor Flooring at All Weather Access is solid yet still lightweight and simple to use. Furthermore, with our expertise, our team of professionals can provide you with excellent outdoor flooring solutions. Our outdoor flooring is suited to a wide range of commercial and domestic projects. Importantly, our team of professionals are on hand to assist our customers with their needs. Altogether, we make our clients a priority, ensuring all outdoor flooring is manufactured to the highest of standards as well as maintaining an excellent reputation.

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Outdoor Flooring Styles

Our Outdoor Flooring Styles are carefully studied, designed, and manufactured to be able to offer maximum stability. Furthermore, we can also guarantee strength in temporary walkways. This is whilst at the same time minimising as much as possible any damage to the turf and flora beneath. Being able to protect the grass while at the same time creating an area that is flat, stable, and secure for people to walk upon can often be a challenge, but we here at All Weather Access have the tools needed to make this a simple venture indeed.


Our Outdoor Flooring is put together by a series of smaller pieces, linked up together and smoothed at the edges to appear to the eye (and the feel of the foot) to seem like a singularly level surface. Subsequently, the great quality about this set-up is that we are able to arrange the flooring in infinite patterns and shapes, able to adapt to any size needed and moulded to the flooring shape you desire at your particular event.


We offer our Outdoor Flooring options in two neutral colours, being either in white or grey. We find this helps to facilitate a sleek modern look, able to blend in with any building style or colour, being a non-offensive neutral palette. Additionally, the surfaces of these flooring panels are attractive, easy to clean, and blend into any setting.


Our Outdoor Flooring has been created to be as effective and versatile as possible. Additionally, our panels have a whole host of beneficial qualities, such as being of non-slip surface area, heels friendly, integrated bi-directional cable channels beneath the surface, and a ventilated surface to help keep moisture-rich breathability for the grass beneath.


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    Key Features

    • Available in white or grey
    • Lightweight but robust
    • Can be laid to any shape
    • High heel friendly
    • Simple to install (supplied flat on a stillage as a set of six tiles)
    • Individual tiles can be removed for obstacles
    • Ramped edging available to allow easy access for wheelchairs, trolleys and machinery
    • Can be laid on grass or solid surfaces (both indoors or outdoors)
    • Provides grass beneath with air and light to keep growing
    • Expansion joints to allow for thermal expansion
    • Integrated bi-direction cable channels beneath surface, to avoid trip hazards
    • Sand blasted anti-slip surface that allows moisture to drain through and ventilate grass below

    Typical Applications

    • Sports Stadium turf protection
    • Large tents and marquee flooring
    • High-end events
    • Large-scale pedestrian areas
    • Outdoor eventtemporary walkways
    • Public footpath diversions
    • Replacing costly traditional built up wooden flooring, staging or decking

    Ultradeck is the ultimate all round pedestrian flooring system suitable for a whole range of situations. The versatility of Ultradeck and efficiencies created with its use result in a product that is not only very popular with the event industry but groundsman of stadiums, parks and gardens all over the world. Ultradeck is the perfect alternative to the costly traditional built up wooden flooring due to its cost saving attributes and flexibility with its uses. Ultradeck modular flooring system, is not only quick to lay, but has integrated cable management channels within its design, additional expansion joints for those hot days and cold nights along with ramped edging to allow wheelchair access and minimising trips.

    So, if you are looking for Outdoor Flooring, look no further than All Weather Access, give us a call today to speak to one of our friendly members of staff.

    Outdoor flooring

    Material: High Impact UV protected polypropylene

    Panel Size: 1.23m x 0.92m (Stored and laid as set of six tiles)

    Individual Tile Size: 606mm x 305mm

    Thickness: 45mm

    Weight/SQ M: 7kg

    Loading Capacity: Pedestrians only

    Environmental: 100% recyclable

      Heavy Plant Plant Vehicles Pedestrians Construction Events Anti Slip
    High Heels Special