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Heras Fencing Panel 2000mm x 3500mm

A fantastic lightweight fencing, made up of individual panels, which are connected by bracing blocks and couplers. It is a strong temporary fencing, which can withstand high winds, and is brilliant for construction sites and events.

Panel Weight: 12kg
Material: Galvanised Steel







Heras fencing is a great temporary mesh fencing, designed for a number of sectors, from events & festivals to construction sites. It is a key component and vital ingredient when planning on site, due to the protection it offers and safety features associated with the fence. As the fencing is often used to prevent access, it is key that the panels are as secure as possible.

Our lightweight fencing option can withstand strong winds due to the galvanised steel couplers, and will also prevent trespassers as best as possible due to the anti-climb features. Heras fencing is fundamental in operating active sites, and will also enhance the health and safety of a site when installed correctly.

This product is available for Hiring

Key Features

  • Prevents trespassers
  • Can withstand high winds
  • Easy to install due to the lightweight feature
  • Cost effective temporary method
  • Easy transportation
  • Galvanised and wet weather resistant.
  • Features an Anti-climb system
  • Available for Hire

Installation (Removal is the opposite procedure)

Manual Handling
Place each rubber block 3.5m away from the other, at the starting point of the fence line. This is continued all the way down the fencing line.

Insert the fencing panels into the rubber blocks, where the hole in the block will allow insertion of the fence panel. Then take the couplers (2 per fence) and connect at the top and bottom of the fence to provide a connected fixed structure.

Connecting Mats
Once the couplers have been connected, tighten them up to create a stronger connection, and you will have finished the installation.

Panel Weight: 12kg
Material: Galvanised Steel

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