All Weather Access provide a range  of ground protection products suitable for use in the Agricultural Industry, whether you require a temporary roadway for HGV’s to access farm land or create a tipping site for agricultural produce, we have the suitable trackway panels.

Key Features

  • Designed to be used without any ground preparation
  • Spreads the load over a large area
  • Access otherwise inaccessible areas
  • Reduce the mud being dragged out on the road, by running clean on trackway
  • Make the working environment safer for employees and subcontractors
  • Minimise compaction of farm land
  • Reduce the risk of land drains being damaged

Typical Applications

  • Accessing straw stacks
  • Hard standing for tipping compost and manure
  • HGV turning pads for sugar beet extraction
  • Temporary access routes whilst farm drives are being reconstructed
  • Temporary trackways for access to pylons, gas mains, drainage issues etc
  • Haul roads for construction of new farm buildings

Most of the products we supply are used in one way or other for the agricultural industry, it just depends on the type of application. The heavy duty Tufftrak panels we supply are the most commonly used on agricultural sites due to the size and strength of them. Tufftrak are extremely robust and effective at carry heavy vehicles over wet and boggy ground. For smaller and lighter vehicles, we often use the 8”x 4” mats known as Trakmats, Euromats and Duradeck, which are fantastic at carrying cars and vans or the odd lorry.

Trackway matting

The following products are relevant to Agriculture:

Duradeck: Medium to heavy vehicles

Economat: Light vehicles

Euromat: Light to medium vehicles

Tufftrak: Very heavy-duty vehicles or high-volume use

Please call or email for advice on which of these would be best for your situation.

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