Ground Protection

Ground Protection


Are you looking for Ground Protection mats?

Look no further than All Weather Access for quality ground protection mats.

Our Ground Protection mats are ideal for the access of vehicles and pedestrians on soft and wet ground. Ground Protection Mats at All Weather Access provide outstanding ground protection for a number of surfaces that will come into contact with heavy loads.

Our Euro Ground Protection mat provides an enormous surface area that helps distribute the weight of vehicles and pedestrians efficiently. The grippy surface is ideal for all types of ground, for example, gardens, fields and construction sites at competitive rates.

Temporary access ground protection mats, are the perfect solution to protect grass and turf. These market leading products can minimise reinstatement costs. Our ground protection mats come in a range of different sizes and thicknesses to suit any project requirement. Allowing access to heavy vehicles and plant.

Key Features

  • Two traction surface options depending on pedestrian or vehicle use
  • Light enough for two man handling
  • Quick and simple to install
  • Cut out hand holds for easy of loading/off loading
  • Unique mud dispersing chevron grip surface
  • Choice of connection, including fast fit
  • Can be connected at right angles
  • Does not absorb water
  • Protects against damage to ground
  • Designed to be used without any ground preparation
  • Aids traction and avoids wheel slip

Typical Applications

  • Work areas and roads for light goods vehicles and cars
  • Can take HGVs on firm ground, but more suited to smaller vehicles
  • Pedestrian surfaces on construction sites
  • Outdoor events, to keep people and vehicles clear of muddy areas
  • Landscaping and ground works projects

Euromat have an extremely grippy surface on both sides which aids traction for vehicles and pedestrians, as well to the ground, particularly when used on slight inclines. Euromats have a unique chevron design on their surface which is effective at dispersing mud and ensuring the highest performance possible. With several different connector options, this product is suited to a range of industries and possible uses. The plastic used in these medium duty ground protection mats is non-absorbent, therefore will last on the ground in wet conditions much longer than using ineffective solutions such as plywood as a method for driving over wet boggy areas. Unlike plywood these Euromats can be pressure washed off and used again and again!

So if you are looking for Ground Protection, give All Weather Access a call today to speak to one of our friendly members of staff.

Not suitable for use by steel tracked vehicles.
Note: See similar products: Trakmats, Duradeck and Economats


Material: High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Panel Size: 2440mm x 1200mm (8×4”)
Panel Thickness: 12mm
Panel Weight: 36kg
Loading Capacity: 80 tonnes (ground dependant)
Environment: 100% recyclable

Black Euromat is made from recycled material
UK designed / EU made
High pressure compression moulded in one piece
Sand blasted finish for micro-traction

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