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All Weather Access provide a range of heavy duty ground protection for the construction industry. Whether you require access for the renovation of existing buildings, new building construction or civil engineering we are more than happy to work with you to ensure our products provide the best solution for you. We have experience of working on projects involving rail, telecoms, sea defences, renewables and residential developments.

Key Features

  • Ensure projects don’t get delayed due to bad weather
  • Trackway panels provide solid working platforms and compounds for workers
  • Damage to ground is costly to reinstate, which is avoided by using our panels and mats
  • Temporary haul roads create cost effective solutions to allow construction to start sooner than otherwise possible
  • Products such as Tufftrak panels create a safer place to work, avoiding ground rutting when wet
  • Temporary plastic walkways allow the general public to safely walk a redirected footpath route
  • Pedestrian matting also allows site staff and visitors to walk more safely through building sites

Typical Applications:

  • Haul roads
  • A solid base for a site compound
  • HGV delivery area
  • Pedestrian walkways and working areas
  • Access routes for vehicles
  • Tree root protection
  • Gas main protection for crossing vehicles

Our heaviest duty product, Tufftrak, is designed for the traffic you would generally find on construction sites. We regularly supply Tufftrak for haul roads providing access to construction sites as well as compound areas to ensure a clean, dry and solid working platform for workmen and machinery.

Avoiding tree root damage is a frequent requirement in the construction industry and we have a variety of products which will protect the tree routes beneath the ground. The most suitable product will depend on the volume and size of traffic, although the medium duty mats such as Duradeck, Trakmats and Euromats are often sufficient.

We also have several pedestrian walkway panels which are often supplied to the construction industry. This matting can be used for workmen to walk over muddy and uneven surfaces but also for footpath diversion to keep the general public away from the construction site. Depending on the ground conditions, Duradeck or Portapath may be suitable.

The following products are relevant to Construction:

Duradeck- pedestrians and vehicles

Ultradeck- pedestrians only

Economat-pedestrians and light vehicles

Euromat-pedestrians and vehicles

Portapath-pedestrians only

Trakmats-pedestrians and vehicles

Tufftrak-pedestrians and heavy-duty vehicles

Please call or email for advice on which of these would be best for your situation.

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