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Ultradeck 1230mm x 920mm Grey

Ultradeck creates rigid and uniform temporary pedestrian flooring for high-end events and large-scale gatherings. Ultradeck can be rapidly deployed requiring no special tools or skills, and leaves a temporary floor, which is both clean and smart.

Panel Weight: 7kg
Loading Capacity: Pedestrians Only
Panel Thickness: 22mm
Environment: 100% Recyclable




Ultradeck is the ultimate all round pedestrian flooring system suitable for a whole range of situations. The versatility of Ultradeck and efficiencies created with its use result in a product that is not only very popular with the event industry but groundsman of stadiums, parks and gardens all over the world. Ultradeck is the perfect alternative to the costly traditional built up wooden flooring due to its cost saving attributes and flexibility with its uses.

Ultradeck modular flooring system, is not only quick to lay, but has integrated cable management channels within its design, additional expansion joints for those hot days and cold nights along with ramped edging to allow wheelchair access and minimising trips.

Key Features

  • Lightweight but robust
  • High heel friendly
  • Simple to install (supplied flat on a stillage as a set of six tiles)
  • Individual tiles can be removed for obstacles
  • Ramped edging available to allow easy access for wheelchairs, trolleys and machinery
  • Can be laid on grass or solid surfaces (both indoors and outdoors)
  • Provides grass beneath with air and light to keep growing

Installation (Removal is the opposite procedure)

Manual Handling
Ultra Deck* is designed to be installed over grass, gravel, sand, dirt, and mud.

No ground preparation is required for athletic fields or other level and consistent surfaces. It is recommended that a survey of the installation site be done prior to installation of Ultra Deck. Larger stones, rocks and obstacles should be removed. While Ultra Deck will span smaller indentations and gradations, it is recommended that large holes be covered or filled with sand to create amore level finished floor.

Connecting Mats
An Ultra Deck floor consists of individual Ultra Deck modules connected to create a larger floor. Each module contains male T connectors and female Treceptors. In order to connect one module to another simply align the male T connectors above the female Treceptors and press down. Once snapped together, modules create a seamless floor suitable for numerous applications. Modules maybe connected horizontally or vertically and can bestepped to create dramatic patterns and effects.

Material: High Impact UV protected polypropylene

Panel Size: 1.23m x 0.92m (Stored and laid as set of six tiles)

Individual Tile Size: 606mm x 305mm

Thickness: 45mm

Weight/SQ M: 7kg

Loading Capacity: Pedestrians only

Environmental: 100% recyclable