Ground Reinforcement Grid

Ground Reinforcement Grid

Ground Reinforcement Grid is specially manufactured and utilized to reinforce and build on the solidity of the soil. It additionally has the advantage of giving incredible seepage to water allowing the grass to grow underneath.

Ground Reinforcement Grid offers a wide range of temporary access solutions, ground stability and protection. Our Ground Reinforcement Grid are regularly used for all aspects of construction, private and event sectors.

Key Features

  • Ground reinforcement and stabilisation
  • Easy to install
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Minimal maintenance with natural drainage
  • Can be laid to any shape
  • Prevents gravel migration

Typical Applications

  • Driveways
  • Golf course car parks
  • Environmentally sensitive areas
  • Areas of outstanding natural beauty
  • New or overflow car parks
  • Sites where tarmac or concrete is not appropriate

Geogrid is a modular honeycomb ground reinforcement system that is designed to be laid flush with the ground, to create an area which can be driven on and worked from all year round without rutting, and damage to ground occurring. The top soil should be removed first, then a layer of sand levelled over the subsoil, with the geogrid laid on top and joined together. The void in the geogrid can then be back filled with either soil, sand, gravel or other aggregate to your requirement, to leave a finish that is attractive, clean and reinforced. If soil has been used for backfilling, then it can also be seeded with grass. Geogrid ground reinforcement tiles are a permanent solution to create a mud free environment which can be used as an overflow car park or pedestrian walkway. These ground reinforcement grids are easy to install and are long lasting.

Material: Recycled polyethylene

Tile Size: 495mm x 495mm x 40mm

Weight per tile: 0.57kg

Loading: 25 tonne axle load

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